• Image of Brazil Bob-O-Link

It's back! It's a past crop version (meaning the green coffee is at least a year old and therefore a little faded from it's former self. Just like you right?) Actually to be honest, this lot of Bob-O-Link is now two years old. It was stored well and it's cupping just a tiny bit faded. Still very drinkable.

For me, that's a beautiful thing (in a strange kind of way) because little old Strange Coffee was able to help the farm out and take a bunch of this coffee so they can quit paying monthly storage fees at the warehouse. Strange got a deal on it. It gets better. I needed coffee for some some projects needing inexpensive coffee. Done. Even better, those projects are getting sustainably grown and directly traded coffee that still tastes specialty grade. Win win.

So I'd like to try an experiment to try and be win win win.

$40 and your feedback once you've tried the coffee will buy six pounds total of coffee. A four pound bag of Bob-O-Link for you and the Blacksburg Interfaith Food Pantry gets two pounds of coffee.

-rev 16 Dec 20