• Image of Uganda DRUGAR Natural Process

"Tasting Notes:

Balanced with crisp acidity, yet complex with notes of malt, lemongrass, cocoa nibs and aroma of sweet tobacco.

DRUGAR It is a term that usually refers to coffee from Uganda's northern and western Arabica producing areas, which have traditionally produced natural over washed. This lot is from Western Uganda (Kasese and Bundibugyo areas in particular), at the foothills of the ice-capped Rwenzoris (yup, glaciers at the equator).

Known as the Mountains of the Moon, the Rwenzori Mountain Range separates Uganda from The Democratic Republic of Congo, and is home to Arabicas of increasing quality. Historically, the challenge with Drugars is consistency. This is always a challenge when dealing with natural-processed coffees, especially when the harvest coincides with the rainy season as it does in Uganda. An additional challenge is that for Arabica from Rwenzori to get to the mill, it has to go through the main Robusta route. Plus, the closest mills are in Kampala - and these are primarily Robusta mills. We've found that farmers in the area are ready for change; two groups in particular have stood up to take on the challenge of producing for quality instead of quantity.

The Kika Cooperative and Kalonge Women's Group. Kika represents 350 farmers; their entry into coffee follows successful community initiatives around honey-making and basket weaving. They are organized, motivated, and led by a charismatic man named Magezi Eliezer. Kalonge is a confederation of women with trucks. These are young women, in their 30's and 40's, each of whom purchases from their home town and share a common store in Kasese. Led by sisters Grace and Irene, the Kalonge Women's group has identified 7 top performing villages and is setting aside the best coffee gathered from these women for export to the US." -Crop to Cup

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