• Image of Nepali Lekali
  • Image of Nepali Lekali
  • Image of Nepali Lekali

Strange Coffee Company is excited to partner with Crop to Cup and Lekali Estate Coffee to offer this very limited coffee from an emerging origin. Availability is restricted to website orders only.

From Crop to Cup Importers:

"Commercial cultivation of coffee in Nepal only began in the 80's as a secondary cash crop behind tea. This is interesting, because farm-gate prices here are as high as the Himalayas. Think Kona or Blue Mountain. The high cost of production is due to expensive logistics and, mostly, inflation, which contribute more to the price than brand name.

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After a few years of consecutive quality improvement Nema Tenzing's work was interrupted by a series of earthquakes which struck in 2015. Every house (~40 residences) in Lekali was destroyed. For a time, all the residents were housed in Tenzing's coffee storage facility until that too was damaged in an aftershock.

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Now that we are past the disaster and immediate recovery, Tenzing is working towards sustainable long-term solutions for the community. Yes, that's coffee - and what they need to grow are more consistent buyers. We'll be a part of that effort, and hope that a few of you will be there with us."

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LOCATION: 27° 49’ 57.25° N x 85° 12’ 48.45° E

ELEVATION: 1300 - 1600 meters

REGION: Bhirkune, Madanpur (Nuwakot District)


VARIETAL: Caturra, Typica

GRADE: Plantation A

PROCESSING: Wet Process (Fully Washed)

DRYING: Sun dried, raised beds

APPEARANCE: .4 d / 300gr, 16 - 18 Screen