• Image of Uganda Sebei Kapchorwa
  • Image of Uganda Sebei Kapchorwa

The Sebei are a people who inhabit a small but important plateau perched on the northern edge of Uganda's Mt. Elgon. The region's largest town is called Kapchorwa, and the largest attraction is a chain of waterfalls called Sipi Falls. However, the region recently began competing with the well-known Bugisu micro-region to the West in growing and marketing high-altitude, fully washed coffee. This coffee was pulped, fermented, washed and dried by members premium parchment farmers groups who live too far away from washing stations to deliver fresh cherry, and who have organized themselves to maintain the standards that have earned them their new-found reputation.

LOCATION: Sebei, Kapchorwa Farmers Group


ALTITUDE: 1,700-1,800 masl

VARIETIES: SL 14 & SL 28 (Kenya Hybrid of Jackson Bourbon)

PROCESS: Hand-pulped, semi-washed

DRYING: Sun dried