• Image of Mexico Colima Volcan de Fuego
  • Image of Mexico Colima Volcan de Fuego

It is amazing to taste how much progress this community has made despite the challenges presented by Roya and an active volcano. Join us in supporting this start-up coffee community, and in celebrating their success in the face of adversity.

In the West of Mexico Mt. Colima, or the Volcan de Fuego, shoots out above the Sierra Madre Occidental Range. The volcano is still active, and within its eruption zone live 856 coffee farmers whose small associations or ejidos work together to export coffee under a single cooperative Intragadora. This Intragadora is made up of member organizations from communities around Colima. (Crop to Cup)

LOCATION: Colima, Cepro Cafe Colima - Consejo Estatal del Café

NUMBER OF FARMERS: 856 from 3 Contributing Communities: Remudadero, Arrayanal and Naranjal

ALTITUDE: 900 masl

VARIETIES: Typica, Bourbon

PROCESS: Fully-Washed with eco-pulpers

DRYING: Sun dried, patio

HARVEST: March - April